Galapagos – Evolution III

The fresh black Pahoehoelava (Pahoehoe = Polinesisch: rope), also known as knitted lava forms the curious forms in the cold. In the upper area you can see that the roof of this building has already collapsed. Right another formation. Here several layers of lava have poured over each other. In another place you can clearly see the dark and porous lava flows between lighter rock layers. Here again such a structure. In the shore area, the surf and erosion have exposed this cross section through the earth. The lava has completely enclosed the rock here.

An even younger, already cooled lava flow has enclosed cacti and shrubs that have recaptured their habitat. The lava breaks with time and frees up space for further life. Brigitte takes a short break. Running on the lava underground is exhausting. You always have to be careful not to step on too porous layers as there is a risk of breaking in there. Due to the hot gases cavities have formed during the cooling of the lava, which collapse over time.

We admire the washed lava strata on the beach. Such natural art can be found in the Galapagos Islands in incredible diversity.

Pictures Galapagos – Evolution

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