Galapagos – Galapagos – Frigatebirds II

Frigate birds do not have water repellent plumage, so they do not fish themselves, but have specialized in chasing their prey off other birds. In addition, the frigate birds like to rob the nests of other birds. Whole swarms of frigatebirds are in the air.

At the courtship, the male blows up his red throat bag to attract the attention of a passing female. Here is one of the rare short courtship breathing breaks.

The frigatebirds vibrate with their wings and fire machine-gun-like chuckling sounds in the direction of the female. The female then picks the most beautiful man. The breeding business is a man’s business with the frigatebirds. 40 to 50 days, the only egg is incubated. It takes four to five months until the boy fledges.

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