Seychelles La Digue beaches

Pure bathing pleasure and an almost unreal exotic landscape await the traveler on La Digue, which is characterized by beautiful white sandy beaches. The underwater world around the island offers over 800 colorful fish species an Eldorado for divers and snorkelers. The hospitality and love of life of the inhabitants of this gem enchant the visitor.

From a travel magazine, the Grande Anse on La Digue has already been declared the most beautiful beach in the world. Since the Seychelles are hardly hit by such devastating storms as other tropical islands, they can also shine with immaculate palm trees. In the Seychelles you will find beautiful beaches with fine white sand and huge palm trees, which are hardly visited by tourists. At any time of day, the rocks impress with a different play of light.

Especially fantastic are the moments before the sunsets, which are almost always spectacular in this region. The setting sun colors the rocks in a reddish warm tone. In the morning at sunrise, the rocks in the same place have a completely different color and they give a completely different mood. The stay on the island of La Digue seems like paradise. From mass tourism no trace. Large hotel facilities are missing completely. Empty beaches wherever you look.

In the interior of the island you can admire the tropical vegetation. La Digue is truly worth the trip, though prices are well above normal. Not for nothing are Seychelles the exclusive destination for individual travelers. In addition to the expensive four- and five-star hotels, there are also some smaller accommodations for the smaller purse, which does not necessarily have to be worse, especially since you spend the day until late in the evening anyway in the wild.

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