Seychelles Bird Island – turtles

The only large land animals in the Seychelles are giant tortoises. Although travel companies never tire of mentioning that Aldabra is home to a large colony of these animals, it is only permitted with special permission to enter this remote nature reserve and giant tortoises of the same species can be found on many of the inner islands in enclosures and in part (approx Frégate or Bird Island) also admire free-living.

On the island Bird Iceland free-roaming turtles are still to be found. We are curious before our flight to the island, if this prediction will be fulfilled. After leaving the small islandhopper (that’s how we call our plane we came on the island with), we unpack our spare luggage from the plane and go to the nearby beach restaurant.

Here already the owner of the island awaits us. A few small Seychelles-style bungalows are designed to accommodate a handful of guests. Quick the bungalows are distributed and we are a little on the coming days. But now we are already looking forward to the wildlife that lives here. We do not need to search long.

Behind our bungalow is already a curious guest noticeable. It’s a giant turtle that sets out to explore at turtle-tempo.

She is also curious to meet the new guests of the island, as well as vice versa.

Esmeralda “, the world’s tallest and most famous Aldabra giant tortoise weighing over 298 kg, is more than 150 years old, and the rapport between man and turtle only makes the true dimensions of Esmeralda accessible allowed.

Esmeralda has no fear of the human species, since the island belongs to her. Bird Island is not just a bird’s paradise as you can see here. After initial respect, we make friends with this Urspezies. Esmeralda he follows us at every turn. As soon as we are on a hike around the island, Esmeralda comes out of the undergrowth to greet us.

When he’s delighted, he gets on his feet and sits up to us, as if he wants to send us a secret message …. or is we just imagining it.

Well, the island quickly leads to many speculations. The longer we stay here, the stranger and more mysterious the wonderful nature seems to us.

We quickly realize that on the island time and space merge into a single unit. Unimportant things suddenly become important and supposedly important things suddenly seem completely meaningless. Is that after such a short presence about the famous island scooter who has captured us? We do not want to follow this theory so easily. Maybe it’s just the reality that gets us here.

There is no escape, we are damned to deal here and now with the laws of Robinson life unfamiliar to us. Our needs are reduced to the very few important things in life. These problems do not seem to have “Esmeralda”. He has his prescribed rhythm of eating, sleeping and “following us”.

We are visibly closer …….. so close that he greets us already in the early morning after brushing his teeth on the small veranda ………….

………….. if we will miss this trip after our return to civilization?

Pictures Seychelles Bird Island – turtles

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