Galapagos – Puerto Ayora II

The first destination of the yachts anchored here is the famous Charles Darwin Station. Due to the large number of tourists, it is advisable to visit the Charles Darwin Research Station as early as possible. It is open weekdays from 8-12 and 13-16 clock.

Puerto Ayora is a small but clean town with partially paved streets. Along the winding promenade along Avenida Charles Darwin are the marina, tour offices, souvenir shops, restaurants, pubs, discos and hotels. The rapidly growing, especially in recent years place is the main starting point for multi-day island excursions. World sailors from all continents rest in Academy Bay. From simple small boats to half-rusted trawlers and pompous luxury yachts equipped with all chicanery, everything is found here in the bay. The comfort offered in Puerto Ayora hotel can be divided into three price ranges: expensive, very expensive, or economical. Already from about 10 US dollars, there are already decent places to stay. However, those who value a little more comfort often have to dig deep into their pockets. The 80 to 100 USD hotels are often not worth the high price. Luxury hotels are not yet available in Galápagos. Below right a picture of the main post office in Puerto Ayora.

The visit to the Darwin Station is informative and interesting, but is only intended to provide the basic framework for first impressions on our further excursions. There is also an informative visitor center, a museum and a turtle hatchery. However, the biggest attention belongs to the audience favorite of the station, the lonely George (“Lonesome George” o. “Jorge Solitario”). George is the only sad survivor of a giant turtle species. All attempts to cross over 50 years old male with a female similar subspecies, have failed so far. George shows no special interest. Meanwhile, Brigitte is testing the most used means of transport in the Galapagos Islands. The preservation of the Darwin Station is constantly being worked on, as can easily be seen on the left picture below.

Salt prices are paid primarily for the gourmet kitchen of Puerto Ayora. Nevertheless, there are also some inexpensive restaurants that also offer tasty meals. Here you should definitely try local fish. Often you eat the best in the hotels. Especially the hotel Galápagos is recommended because of the filtered water. There you can even eat salads without hesitation. A small shopping center, which consists of a low-rise building with corrugated iron roof, is also available.

The Mistral was misappropriated and is today a small restaurant.

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