Galapagos – Coastal & Beaches I

The coasts and beaches of the Galapagos are not a classic tourist destination. The opposite is the case. The coasts and beaches belong to the living wildlife here. Here is one of the few places in the world where nature’s clearance sale has not yet taken place.

Bizarre rock formations line the coasts of the volcanic islands. On our way we see again and again smaller uninhabited islands emerging from nowhere out of the sea. The shapes of the coasts are different in nature.

The rocky islands usually have high and steep cliffs, while the volcanic islands often flatter and are partially equipped with white pristine sandy beaches. We pass through islands that immediately show their volcanic origin. Here the crater of this small island seems to have exploded.

At the bottom left is the image of a typical granite island and in contrast to the right is the appearance of an island of volcanic origin.

On this day, a strong surf lashes to the coast, sparking a natural spectacle of a unique kind. From the subterranean crevasses and corridors the sea water shoots up in huge fountains to the surface.

The structure of the lava islands often looks very similar in the basic structure. As it flows, the lava plunges into the sea, leaving behind different forms that look like natural works of art. Bottom left, an entity that you think stone lives on?

Pictures Galapagos  – Coasts & Beaches

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