Galapagos – Bartolome Island II

On the island Bartolome we climb the 114 m high volcano.

We are rewarded with an unforgettable view over the crater landscape with its bizarre beauty. Here you can understand how the origin of the earth has gone.

From here you have a wonderful panoramic view of the neighboring islands. The island’s landmark is Pinnacle Rock, the sharp spire that is probably the remnant of a tuff cone.

Again and again you can see the explosion craters, which look as if huge projectiles had hit. The day is coming to an end. We enjoy the last moments in this unique landscape where you feel close to evolution. The descent is a little faster than the steep climb.

We are still too impressed by this bizarre world, which has no livelihood for humans. About a steep descent from volcanic rock, we arrive at our boat dock. We say goodbye to the island and Pinnacle Rock, the steep rocky point. On the descent, we leave the black lava fields and gray-brown slag-cone, which contrast with green vegetation islands and bright white sandy beaches.

Slowly the island moves away from our field of vision. It will take us a long time to process the experience.

Pictures Galapagos – Bartolome Island

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