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The equally widespread masked booby is slightly larger than its blue-faced kindred and easily recognizable by its black “mask” and the dark wing coverts. The sluggish masked boobies breed only on the edges of the cliffs where they can start with the updraft. Unlike the blue-footed boobies, they fish much further out at sea.

Your courtship phase is subject to regular intervals, which may vary from one island to another.

It is advertised and angehandelt what the stuff holds. During the courtship the Toelpel have practically no escape distance. You can approach them up to the shortest distance. The nest places are carefully selected and prepared.

The masked boobies have a considerable body size. It is particularly impressive to observe the animals in flight.

Of the two hatched boys, only the first-born survives, which receives all the care and care of the parents. The other is simply rejected and left to his sad fate. The little ones are always cute to look at and they have no fear.

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