Galapagos – seals – sea lions

The curious Galápagos sea lions are available on all beaches. The ancestors of the sea lions came from the Californian South Coast and have developed on Galápagos to its own subspecies. Sea lions are pronounced herd animals. They are diurnal and go fishing in the morning and in the evening.

In the breeding season a male jealously guards a harem. It swims attentively on the shore and defends with loud roar its territory against intruders of all kinds.

The young animals play on the beach. The females bring each year a baby to the world. At the age of about 14 days, the little ones go for the first time to swim in the shallow water, after a year they are self-employed.

After fishing, the females and the boys spend the rest of the day in groups like vacationers lying lazily on the beach.

Pictures Galapagos – seals – sea lions

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