Galapagos – Arrival

After our flight from Quito to the Galapagos Islands already the owner of the “small motor yacht” is waiting for us, which we prebooked together with acquaintances. We check in there completely after a lengthy entry procedure.

But we also find some rest on board the motor ship here. The first day we want to stay in the harbor and regenerate ourselves first. The staff consists of the captain, a helmsman, two assistants and two cooks. In this way, we are self-sufficient and can also start more remote islands without the difficult accommodation search on the other islands.

Many islands can only be reached in a day trip. The archipelago is at best explorable in multi-day voyages by ship. Few islands have sufficient accommodation. That’s why a boat trip is the ideal starting point. Two more larger ships have gathered in the harbor, which also bunker provisions, fuel and food for several days to prepare for the upcoming ship expedition. We take the opportunity once again for a last trip ashore to make our little private purchases. It will not be much, because we have already brought the basic equipment.

The next morning, nice weather awaits us with optimal conditions for the next journey. So then it starts. The Kaptän gives the signal to moor the dinghy, which we absolutely need for our planned landings. There is only one small problem left. The pelican does not want to leave his sleeping place at night ….. But our helper will handle the problem in his own way …… we do not think he’s experiencing it for the first time. Shortly before being driven out of our dinghy, the pelican quickly picks up the rail of our motor yacht to finish his nap. Well that can still be funny.

We greet once again the sailor who has been lying next to us overnight and then we go. Our ship makes good drive and we get the first impressions of the other islands. The islands quickly disappear on the horizon. Our dinghy dances in the stern wave. In the late afternoon we reach our first destination. We land with the dinghy.

Our guide sparks his o.k. to the captain. Then it goes on foot on our first expedition.
Galapagos – Our guide sends to the boat

Pictures Galapagos – Arrival

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