Galapagos – Kicker Rock

On our voyage through the Galapagos archipelago we find the strangest rock formations rising directly out of the sea.

On our voyage through the Galapagos archipelago, we find the strangest island shapes. Without having large land masses in sight, the two small rock formations suddenly emerge from the sea. It’s the kicker skirt. These two rocky islands consist of a slightly larger main island, which rises steeply about 100 meters out of the water and is planted on top of the head. Bizarre rock formations on the Galapagos Islands, a few hundred meters off the coast, and a small, slightly smaller spur next to it, which seems to be leaning against the main island. If you take a closer look, you might think that the needle tilts to the main island at any moment. To get a closer impression of the uniqueness of these structures, we want to go straight through the narrow gap between the two islands. In calm weather, an experienced captain can dare to maneuver through the narrow passageway.

Something queasy is already at the thought, here to avoid. Help in this wasteland is very difficult to expect. Brigitte is also quite exhausted, as you can see. But everything is fine and we have a great impression of the rock masses immediately before and above us. It is only from close up that you can see the deep cuts in the rock massif, broken by the forces of nature.

We circle the kicker rock with the ship. At the bottom of the rocks are clearly the traces of the constant surf.

Pictures Galapagos – Kicker Rock

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