Galapagos – Puerto Ayora – Harrys Bar

Starting point for all Globetrotters, Weltenbummer, sailors and shipwrecked, who cross this latitude and / or longitude, is Harry’s Bar. It is run by a Swiss, who has left his regular life and has built his very own communication center in this deserted spot ,

An institution on the island of Sta. Cruz is of course Harry’s Bar. The bar is a collection of library, information center, radio station, cafe and bar. Above all, the important information of the sailors and globetrotters are exchanged here.

Harry is sitting at one of his radios and is communicating with a sailboat that wants to call the Galapagos Islands in two days. All important information about the weather and the latest entry requirements are exchanged. You can find out who else is anchored in the harbor right now or will come here shortly. Messages for discreet forwarding to those who stayed at home or friends on the way will be left here. Harry manages all this without a fee ….. Who starts the islands, makes at least once at Harry’s bar station and immortalized with a spell on his wall. We use the short visit to refresh ourselves and gather the latest information for our onward journey.

Harry shows us the most important and interesting entries, because it would take too long to study all the entries on the walls. Harry’s bar is just unique and absolutely worth seeing. Incidentally, he was not a buccaneer of the seas, although one can have the impression ….

Pictures Galapagos – Puerto Ayora – Harrys Bar

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