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Today we are planning a shore leave on Bartolome and the ascent of the 114 m high volcano. From here you have a wonderful view over the Pinnacle Rock, a 45 m high pinnacle and the island of Santiago. This should be the most beautiful place in the entire archipelago. In the area we find interesting pioneer plants like Tiquilia and wild explosion craters. In the volcano upwelling, buzzards often hang for hours.

The island of Bartolomé is only 1.2 km² and is located near the east coast of Santiago. Because of its stunning scenery, the island is one of the most visited in the archipelago. The island is ideal for studying the volcanic formations, as well as the panhoehoe lava, small hornitos, sweat cone, remains of lava tubes and tuff cones. We are already a little bit late today. The day is already coming to an end. So we have to spur, to climb the summit in time to then come back to the boat in daylight.

Everywhere you will find the white salt bushes that have conquered the lava rock. The scenery is unreal and one has the impression to be back in the age of the dinosaurs.

You should definitely stay on the way, as the tuffs are very fragile. Only the erotic mood of nature can be understood as the lava cactus thriving on bare lava plaques. He usually appears in erecting groups and can be admired in this moon-like volcanic landscape of Bartolomé.

The explosion craters look wild and dangerous. Their form is decidedly bizarre and one can imagine what primitive forces contributed to their creation. Our lava hike over a long and steep wooden staircase to the highest peak of the island is rewarded with an unforgettable panorama. From here you can see the neighboring islands of Pinzón and Isabela, sometimes even Marchena and Pinta.

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