Galapagos – Frigatebirds I

As the air pirates par excellence, the banded and magnificent frigate birds based on San Cristóbal, Seymour, Isabela, Genovesa and other islands are called. Their specialty is to wrest the prey from other seabirds during the flight. The weight of frigate birds is less than three pounds. One would think that they spend a lot of time on the water surface.

As a precaution, they almost never land on the water, as their feathers, unlike all other seabirds, are not water-repellent and clumsy when wet. The status symbols of each Frigatebird male include a beak-like beak and a magnificent scarlet throat sack. With pride, they blow it up to the size of a balloon during the courtship, thus deeply impressing any female. The breeding sites are spread over large areas.

On the left a frigatebird in full regalia and on the right in the normal state. Even during their notorious robbery raids, the throat bag is often already seen as a kind of war paint slightly inflated above the ocean circling.

The impressive wingspan of the frigatebirds is over two meters.

Pictures Galapagos – Frigatebirds I

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