Galapagos – Birds

Among the most striking land birds is the Galápagos buzzard, the only bird of prey in the archipelago. He lives in virtually all vegetation zones and is similar to the buzzard. His prey animals are pigeons, finches, rats, lizards, snakes, and small iguanas. The population of Galápagos – Buzzard is estimated at 130 pairs. It feeds on insects, small birds, lizards and carrion.

Aerial view of Galapagos buzzard. The female mates with several males, which participate together in the rearing of the boys. The buzzard female usually hatches 2 – 3 eggs in tree nests.

Although breeding pairs can be observed throughout the year, the actual peak of the reproductive period is reached between May and July. Since the buzzard shows no fear at all, he is often found next to the tourist trails – most often on Santa Fe, Santiago, Española, Isabela and Fernandina.

On the inhabited islands, however, he was almost completely eradicated. Most of the pathways were Santa Fe, Santiago, Española, Isabela and Fernandina. Although the buzzards could easily reach all islands due to their high ability to fly, the little more than 200 breeding pairs are strangely found on only ten islands.

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