Galapagos – Coastline & Beaches II

The coastline and beaches in the Galapagos archipelago are an up-close natural experience of a very special kind. We feel in this pristine and almost untouched landscape, how gigantic the forces of nature and how small and small are their own human abilities.

On our landing we climb the piled-up huge rock formations whitewashed by the feces of the birds. On the cliffs, we are surrounded by the bursting sea forces that are constantly reshaping and shaping the coasts.

We have a unique scenario, such as the history of the earth. Everything seems to be in a process of perpetual annihilation and in constant renewal.

And yet here is a peculiar calm and uniformity that can not be reconciled with the hectic pace of our normal (European) everyday life. Here we feel in a strange way closer to the origin of life than anywhere else on earth.

The variety of coasts and beaches is just incredible. Pitoresk’s staged lava formations alternate with beach bays that only seem like a dream. We see bridge constructions that in their beauty and simplicity can only be created by nature. We store in our interior the pictures of the Galapagos Islands, which we should not forget so soon.

Pictures Galapagos – Coastline & Beaches

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