Hawaii – Kauai – Beaches

We have recorded a small selection of beaches and coastal areas of Kaua’i Island here. Capturing all the beaches would go beyond the scope of this site, as there are so many incredibly many small and tiny unspoilt beaches on Kaua’i. Kumukumu Beach (also called Donkey Beach) on the east coast is universally considered the most beautiful beach on Kaua’i, but we do not think we can speak of the most beautiful beach because we believe that each part of the island has its own specific charm , The beaches of Kaua’i are like a string of pearls around the island. Most are not signposted and need to be requested or searched. Most interesting we found the crescent-shaped small bays that are off the main roads. In general, one can say that the beaches in the north of the island are less populated. Often you are even the only visitor. Where the big hotels and the condominiums are concentrated, the beaches are already more frequented.

Particularly impressive is the famous beach on the Ke’e Beach. The photos can only show a short and incomplete snapshot. Sitting there on the beach and inhaling the salty air of the sea and feeling the sound of the surf is an irretrievable sensual experience.

The beach at Hanalei (above) is as unreal as the whole scenery seems to be from a dream. It is not for nothing that this is the dropout paradise of the hippies of the sixties and seventies.

Ke’e Beach is located in the north of the island in Haena State Park and can be found at the end of Road 560. Here begins the Na Pali Trail, which leads along the coast. To the west rise up to 1000 meters high cliffs of the Na Pali Coast.

Below is a house near Hanalei. Typical is the downwardly open construction. Here was created in the “basement” on the ground floor space for a shady spot for the car and for the boat.

On the first floor is used (with surrounding terrace) and on the 2nd floor are the bedrooms. The whole thing is of course framed by palm trees and banana trees. The beach is 50 meters away. For many, however, this remains a dream, as the prices for building land in this region simply can not be paid.

Kilauea Point is the northernmost point of Kaua’i Island and is guarded by a 1913 lighthouse. The small promontory became a reserve for seabirds.

Hawaii – Kauai – Beaches

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