New Zealand – People

The New Zealanders are very proud of their homeland. It is reluctant to call New Zealand in the same breath as Australia because New Zealanders are counting on their independence.

New Zealand has a much more relaxed and less regulated lifestyle compared to other developed countries. The people are independent, frugal and practical oriented. But you are also open-minded and extremely hospitable. Many New Zealanders are very sporty.

The Maori are proud of their Polynesian heritage and cultural heritage.

In New Zealand, people usually greet each other with a handshake. The most used greetings are Gidday after the English “Good Day” or simply “Hello” or “Hi”.

The Maori greet each other with a hug or the traditional Hongi greeting. Here you press your noses together with your eyes closed and make a sound like “mm-mm”.

Sport has a high priority in the lives of most New Zealanders. In winter rugby and football are the most popular sports, in the summer you play more cricket.

In addition, many other sports are operated all year round such as tennis, Rasenbowling, jogging and Leichathletik, golf, horse riding, swimming and sailing (most families have their own boat).

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