New Zealand – Mount Cook – Oyster Bay

The South Island of New Zealand reminds with its mountains of the landscape of Switzerland. In addition to the more than 3,700 meters high Mount Cook, New Zealand’s highest, ever-snowy mountain, there are several huge glaciers that reach down to the rainforests of the west coast.

Fjordland National Park is a rugged wilderness of snow-capped mountains, dense rainforest, raging rivers and waterfalls. One of New Zealand’s most beautiful long-distance trails runs in this area.

Here you will find huge mountain ranges with glacier areas where you can ski. Ancient tunnels take us on our route through the mountainous regions. From the eternal ice pour the waters of the glaciers, which grow into rivers and flow from here into the sea.

In a breathtaking landscape are glaciers that wind down almost into the valley in the rainforests and you will find an untouched flora and fauna. While you sweat under the sun in the valley down below, the ski operation takes place on the glacier.
New Zealand – South Island – Mount CookNew Zealand – South Island – Mount Cook New Zealand – South Island – Mount
On the South Island we see farm areas with huge dimensions. You can turn off the main road for half an hour or more to get to the farmhouse. So it is not surprising that the post is always deposited in small boxes on the street. Surrounded by the spectacular beauty of the Southern Alps and the Tasman Sea, the West Coast combines adventure and past.

With our motorhome we are largely independent of the otherwise daily search for accommodation.
New Zealand – South Island – Oyster BayNew Zealand – South Island – Oyster BayNew Zealand – South Island – Oyster Bay
The Oyster Bay on the South Island in New Zealand is a huge area for oyster farming. Since we are very fond of fresh oysters, we stop here. There are many small restaurants offering these delicacies. A fun attraction in Oyster Bay is the brightly colored shelters that stand on every corner. A small coastal road meanders around the many bends of Oyster Bay. It’s a bit of a hassle to drive, but Oyster Bay is definitely worth a visit.

In Oyster Bay, you will always find these fun shelters at the bus stop, painted with colorful colors and motifs.

New Zealand – Mount Cook – Oyster Bay

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