New Zealand – Camper

We have rented a motorhome on the North Island of New Zealand in Auckland and start from here to a circumnavigation of the North and the South Island. At the ferry to the South Island of New Zealand, we expect a long traffic jam, which dissolves slowly.

Brigitte takes it with humor. The mobile home is comfortable and equipped with all the necessities for our trip. In this way, we are independent of the hotels and pensions and can rest in the places that seem interesting to us. For sufficient stock is taken care of and so we enjoy a small meal, while the others fry in the traffic jam and in the sun.

In the evening we usually look for resting places in the great outdoors or park the car near a farm. Most New Zealand farmers allow their land to be used by prior arrangement. In this way you also get a good contact with the New Zealanders and learn more about their way of life and their culture.

While Brigitte already tests the kitchen, I set my bed under the roof. After the “driving stress”, which is actually no one, because we always bask in cozy, we let it go well in the evening with a bottle of wine and candlelight. So we can review the impressions of the day and prepare ourselves for the next day tour. We do not have a strictly planned route but let ourselves be driven by our impressions.

Traveling in a mobile home is an ideal way of getting around New Zealand. On the South Island of New Zealand, we find relatively few hotels and we are glad that we have decided for this type of travel. Jürgen enjoys his little nap after a long day’s tour.

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