New Zealand – North Island

New Zealand is universally considered a natural paradise, and rightly so, because nowhere in the world is there a more diverse mix of different habitats like here. In a short time you can get from desert regions into the rainforest. Coast, glaciers and jungle are only a few kilometers apart. Furthermore, you will find a fascinating volcanic landscape on the North Island. Here you also have close contact with the Maori culture.

A river seeks its bed to the sea, a wonderful landscape on the North Island of New Zealand. Many New Zealanders, especially in more remote areas have their car, their boat and their small sports plane right in front of the house. The beaches on the Coromandel Peninsula are incredibly long and almost always deserted.

You can often see such classic cars from the twenties on the roadside. Has Brigitte beenfriending her new darling before? But then she gave preference to our comfortable mobile home.

New Zealand’s smaller towns are usually dominated by a single main street of shops. In small shops you will find everything for your daily needs. Here are also mostly the hotels and guesthouses (B & B) located. As a rule, the houses are not higher than two storeys and are almost always built of wood in the countryside. Exceptions are the public buildings, town halls, hospitals and the churches, which were made of stone. At the bottom right you can see a typical New Zealand shop, beautifully painted and with lots of advertising.

Bottom left is the bathhouse with hot springs in Rotorua. On our trip we see a huge swarm of black swans on a lake, who have settled here foraging for food.

On our motorhome trip, we find a turn-of-the-century hotel in a small seaside village. On the lower floor is a pub and upstairs are the rooms. Often we have to cross rivers. The bridges are usually characterized by single-lane roads, which even share railway and car.

The “Empire Hotel” Benevolent names must replace the standard on the periphery in New Zealand. On our further drive we see a gold washing plant from old days.

New Zealand is a natural paradise: snow capped mountains, deserted beaches, sizzling hot springs and a landscape that is incredibly varied. Coconut palm, which had to serve as a “notice board”. The color “white” dominates the plant world of New Zealand.

Birds of prey are often at home on the towering cliffs of the North Island, where they find ideal conditions for their breeding and their rearing.

In the coastal areas, one usually finds a rich and often impenetrable plant growth. Often the riparian zones are overgrown with mangroves. We always find impressive landscapes that offer an unforgettable panorama. On the North Island we found in many places a temperate rainforest interspersed with mosses, ferns, tree ferns, creepers and lichens.

Pictures New Zealand – North Island

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