New Zealand – Auckland

Auckland – the secret capital
The city of Auckland is located between two inlets right on the water. It was built on the remains of a series of extinct volcanoes and is therefore very hilly. Auckland can be seen from afar on its skyline. The Sky Tower is one of the city’s landmarks with its 328 meters of height. In good weather you have the platform at half height tower a fantastic view.

A whole 24 hours pass on the plane until you come to New Zealand from Europe. Afterwards, the tense visitor can expect endless space. Just 3.8 million people are spread over the two main islands. Large parts of the country are completely untouched. New Zealand is a natural paradise: snow capped mountains, deserted beaches, sizzling hot springs and endless kiwi orchards. Equally varied and inventive is the New Zealand cuisine. Nobody takes account of old traditions, because they do not exist anyway. All this results in a limitless creative cuisine with ingredients from all over the world.

Auckland is most likely to see New Zealand in the middle of the South Pacific. Many people from Polynesia live in the secret capital of New Zealand, immigrants from Fiji, Samoa or other South Sea islands. Once here, you can enjoy life on a variety of beaches and in the cafes. The annual Auckland Regatta is known worldwide as one of the largest one-day races of its kind. As the largest city in New Zealand, Auckland has the highest percentage of Polynesian population in the world.

With its Skytower, Southern Hemisphere’s tallest building, New Zealand’s best and widest shopping, plus fun and games for the whole family and its 800 or so restaurants, Auckland is more than any other New Zealand city. The interesting mix of culture, theater, art and fashion gives Auckland a touch of cosmopolitan city; Be it live music, classical music to fine jazz, or the latest designer fashion in elegant boutiques – Auckland has something for every taste.

The street canyons in Auckland are beautifully decorated for Christmas. In the suburbs you can often see colorfully painted retail shops. We take every opportunity to pay a visit to these small shops. The owners are friendly and you learn a lot about the country and its people. Auckland’s romantic hinterland is characterized by an architecture from the previous century. The houses are usually built of wood and rarely higher than two floors. Between Tapu and Coroglen and you can reach it after about two hours drive from Thames.

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