New Zealand – Kea

A funny native parrot bird of New Zealand is the Kea. The playful Kea is one of the most intelligent birds in the world. In particular, the Kea Parrot loves cars from which he can steal windshield wipers or other rubber parts to avoid that looms Brigitte their supply of biscuits.

That seems to please the Kea parrots. More and more come from the surrounding area to taste the new delicacies. Only one stands aloof, if he does not dare? No, he seems to want to make a small show in order to get our attention.

Since the biscuits have gone out and we do not want to give away our other supplies, the Kea stops at the rubber gaskets of a parked car harmful and already checks the paint on his edibility. We should make our way with our large motorhome, who knows what the Kea still so everything looks appetizing.

Pictures New Zealand – Kea

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