New Zealand – Huka Village

We visit Huka – Village, a small historical reconstructed city with houses and vehicles etc. from the last century. At Huka Village, visitors will get a taste of settler life

Here you will find one of the first fire engines used in New Zealand, of course with charming escorts.

Jürgen can not resist moving the peculiar tractor itself once. In a small shop are handmade goods and everyday items to find.

For vintage friends this place is a treasure trove. The predecessor of today’s pick-ups. Whether the 30 / kmh has probably exceeded? Before the automobile came the horse team. Here is a handsome steed, which is used in Huka – Village as a draft horse.

We visit a smithy in Huka Village, which is still active. The fire in the smithy has already kindled. All items are still available from historical time. The Esse has been restored according to old plans.

Even the blacksmith looks like from another time and he understands his craft as the ancestors.
New Zealand – Huka Village – blacksmith at work
The buildings are historically reconstructed. The post office is not only to visit, it even delivers stamps and you can actually give up the post here.

It feels like a time machine 200 years back in another dimension.

Also action is taken care of! Brigitte can be carried out of the 2nd floor of the fire station with the help of an ancient self-built load transport system. Meanwhile, Jürgen alerted the rescue service, of course, on a phone from the early days of telephony.

In another building we find a typical living room from the last century with all the objects of daily life.

And so horse thieves and other unloved fellows were punished in New Zealand a hundred years ago.

Pictures New Zealand – Huka Village

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