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The city area of ​​Cairo is 214 square kilometers. Cairo is located in the northeast of the country on the right bank of the Nile. The city center is divided into a traditional and a modern part.

Cairo is probably the most important city in Egypt with numerous universities, colleges, theaters, museums and monuments. The old town of Cairo is characterized by Islamic architecture. It has been recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site since 1979.

With its registered approx. 20 million inhabitants, the metropolis of Cairo is an absolute melting pot. Many residents also keep illegal in Cairo, so the number of residents is certainly much larger.

On the Citadel of Cairo is the famous alabaster mosque. From the viewing platform located here you have a magnificent view of the city. In addition, you should definitely plan a visit to the hanging church “Al-Moallaka”. It is the oldest Coptic church in Cairo.

An experience of a special kind is the visit to the famous Khan Khalili Bazaar, Cairo’s largest bazaar. Allow plenty of time to stroll through the alleys of the Giant Bazaar. Pretty much everything is offered here, from jewelry to clothing and what else you need (or not) for daily life.

The Egyptian Museum is a highlight of any Cairo stay. The museum was built in 1900 by the English. Today you will find here a collection of the greatest treasures of Egyptian art. The golden coffin of King Tutankhamun and his golden death mask, which was found in 1922 by Englishman Howard Carter, is known worldwide.

The museum also houses the Mumiensaal, which features a multitude of millennial mummies. In their glass coffins they are a special attraction for visitors.

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