Australia – Sydney

The city of Sydney not only offers the advantages of a true cosmopolitan city, it also reflects in an incomparable way the characteristics of the people in the “down under”. So you get a deep look into the special soul of this continent.

At the end of our tour of Australia we spend several days in Sydney exploring the many attractions of this city. The city center is characterized by several skyscrapers. But also time-honored buildings from the last century have their place here.

In the city we drive over the Harbor Bridge. Our windshield is still provided with the stone grille from our multi-week tour through the outbacks. Meanwhile, we have gotten used to the limited view. The entire bridge construction of the Harbor Bridge is impressive and worth seeing at the same time.

From the Harbor Bridge we have a great view of the harbor and the futuristic opera house of Sydney (Opera House), which is located directly on the harbor. This fame is no wonder either: the opera house is considered one of the greatest architectural constructions of the 20th century, building and artwork at the same time, and at the same time forms the center of artistic life in Sydney. During the laying of the foundation stone in 1959, it was assumed that the construction period would be three to four years, and the cost was estimated at around $ 7 million.

The Danish architect Jörn Utzorn left during the construction of Australia and did not return to see the finished building. This escape is easy to understand given the actual cost of the building. The Opera House, when inaugurated in 1973 by Queen Elizabeth II, devoured the incredible $ 102 million budget. The Sydney Opera House consists of three separate buildings that house not only the Opera but also the Concert Hall and Bennelong Restaurant. Overall, there are several theaters and restaurants in the building complex of the opera house.

Pictures Australia – Sydney

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