Sri Lanka – Colombo

A specialty in the cities are the jeepney`s. The jeepney was once a jeep that was used by the American armed forces. He was saved from being scrapped by the Filipinos and provided with wildly romantic pictures. Now the Jeepney`s are the cheapest means of transportation in the Philippines.

If you want to know how the jeepneys are made, it is best to squeeze into such a trendy vehicle and have a ride to Las Piñas.

There the vehicles of unshakable zest for life and landmarks of the country are built by hand. The jeepney can carry up to 20 passengers. It stops wherever someone makes itself felt when getting in or out.

The factory is well worth seeing. The individual jeepneys are welded together by hand and equipped with the few necessary small details and then colorfully painted with wild ornaments and figures, provided with small status symbols and the jeepney is ready.

The jeepneys are one of the main modes of transportation in the Philippines. Most are run by small business owners and families.

Pictures Sri Lanka – Colombo

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