New York City – helicopter flight

We booked a helicopter flight over New York. The best way to organize it is to go to the hotel where you are in New York.

With a stretch limousine we will be picked up from the hotel. The launch site of the helicopter is located in Manhattan on the banks of the Hudson River. The flight is supposed to go around Manhattan, so to speak. We can not fly over the city directly.

In earlier years this was still possible, because the helicopters could land on the roofs of the skyscrapers. After an accident in which a helicopter crashed from the roof of a skyscraper, flights over the city were banned. The pilot always steers his aircraft past the edge of Manhattan and we fly over the Hudson River.

The view is fantastic and from this height we can really see the dimensions of the city of New York. In the city of Manhattan, one skyscraper joins the other. From here you can see that New York is only a few meters out of the sea. From the Volgelperspektive you can also admire the grid-shaped road network that opens up Manhattan.

Pictures New York City – helicopter flight

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