New York – Fifth Avenue

An experience of a special kind and a must for every traveler in New York is a visit to Fifth Avenue. It runs, so to speak, lengthways through Manhattan. Here are almost all famous buildings of the city.

Countless skyscrapers line 5th Ave. One of the newer skyscrapers is the Trump Tower, not far from Central Park. It was built by the builder and casino owner Donald Trump.

You can walk to the 5th Ave on foot and visit almost in passing the most important sights in Manhattan. Almost in the middle is the Saint Patrick ‘s Cathedral and on a side street the Rockefeller Center. One institution has now become the Sacks department store.

By the way, shopping on the 5th Ave has plenty of opportunity. Who thinks, on Fifth Avenue are only skyscrapers and skyscrapers, which is wrong. A special contrast is the few small four- to five-storey buildings from the early days of New York, which make up like dwarves under the huge skyscrapers.

Pictures New York – Fifth Avenue

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