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The population of Seychelles (about 80,000 today, most of whom live on Mahe) is predominantly descended from African slaves.

By mixing with the former white colonial rulers from France and England as well as Asian slaves and immigrants, however, a mixture of peoples has emerged to this day that contains every conceivable shade of skin color. But there are hardly any racial problems in Seychelles.

Indian immigrants had primarily cultural influence, because they barely mingled with the rest of the groups.

Retailers in particular are nowadays largely supported by business people of Indian descent. Overall, culture and mentality are most marked by French and African influences, while education and state organization are more British.

The Seychelles speaks three languages: English, French and Creole. The latter consists mainly of French language elements as well as English and African influences, but has its own line of development. According to today’s linguists, Creole is not, as was long assumed in Europe, a primitive gibberish, but a genuine, independent language.

It is the most important language for the everyday understanding of Seychellois and, in any case, similar enough to the Caribbean Creole, despite the great geographical distance, to allow easy conversation with the inhabitants of certain Caribbean islands.

For our ears, which are not exactly spoiled by German lutes, the Creole language sounds very melodic and unmistakably reflects the relaxed-happy lifestyle of the Seychellois. But do not be fooled: The Seychellois are a friendly but proud and sometimes reserved people. If you want to be treated in a friendly and respectful way, you should behave the same way (actually a matter of course). Tourists are generally welcome, but have no “fool freedom”.

Especially the older Seychellois, who have experienced calmer times and do not have enough money to compensate for the price increases caused by tourism, are, of course, less enthusiastic.

Young people, on the other hand, find old-fashioned island life desolate and boring. They are happy about every change and the modernizing influence of the visitors. Tourists, who mostly come from France, England or Germany, have to correct their expectations of every kind of professional motivation among the locals.

The idea that something must be done urgently or even immediately is completely foreign to a Seychellois.

If you adapt your own posture accordingly, this way of life can be very relaxing. Local solo entertainer in the Seychelles enjoying a taste of his talent. Presumably has African roots in the Seychelles prevailing matriarchal. The linchpin of the families are the mothers, while the men sometimes have the impression that they do not know what to do with themselves.

In any case, couples rarely show up together in public. On the beach fresh fruits and coconuts are offered by the hawkers.

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