Seychelles Mahe fish market

One of the must-visit destinations is the fish market on the island. Mahe fish market is bustling, constantly coming and going. Here not only the goods but also the people can be studied.

This is one of the most interesting fish markets we have visited on our travels around the world. You should be on the market fairly early, because in the early hours of the morning there is still the largest and best offer available and most buyers can be observed. The selection of fresh caught fish from local waters is very rich here.

On long counters, the fish are presented pure and without much trappings. Here only the quality of the goods counts. The fish are gutted on the fishbanks, scaled and cut to the correct size in portions as required. Then they are cleaned and brought to the man ../ the woman. It must be admitted, however, that the proportion of shoppers is clearly dominated by women. The dealer on the top right picture still has a huge supply of fish under his counter.

Strategically, the offer is kept limited, because the whole product would be presented at once, it could push the price. A selection of such large fish we have rarely encountered in fish markets. We find huge red snapper, tuna, sharks, swordfish, perches and many more species. The market is, as everywhere in the tropical countries, also a communication center. It is gossiped and informed about all news.

Of course it is important to negotiate the price, which immediately follows the small talk. It can sometimes be longer and more extensive than the introductory talk about “this and that”. You can feel that all this is part of the zest for life of the islanders. Behind the stalls and sales counters is not the end of the bustle.

The leftovers and garbage get there the herons and gulls. So nothing is left of the natural product fish.

Obviously happy with the purchase is this islander. He bought the pike straight away …….

…………… and a piece of vegetables. That will certainly give a delicious meal.

At the fish market can always find great photo motifs. It’s just fun to study people in their everyday activities.

Pictures Seychelles Mahe fish market