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Bird Island is very difficult and difficult to reach from the main island of Mahe. An irregular Air Seychelles air service carries a small number of visitors to the island once a week. The accommodations consist of a few small bungalows in a local style and a beach restaurant.

We land after a short flight with a twin-engine aircraft of the Air Sechelles on the well-turfed grass field of the island Bird Iceland. The pilots receive extra training for the landing on Bird Island, as the track is extremely short. The attachment point begins a few meters behind the white fine sandy beach, which is close enough to touch during the approach. Immediately after touchdown, the engines are switched to “braking” with deafening noise. It is recommended to be well fastened. The suitcases must be taken out of the hold of the aircraft. The terminal (in the right picture behind the plane) consists of a small palm hut with a diameter of 2 meters.

On the hand-painted maps, which are posted on the outside of the restaurant wall, you can see the size of the island Bird Island. It is easy to see that the runway occupies the whole length of the island.

On the left side of the plan you can see the few bungalows, north of it is the small restaurant. The island can easily be walked around in a matter of hours on foot, depending on the water level. This was part of our daily fitness program. However, it is recommended to bring enough sunscreen and clothing, as the radiation exposure here by reflection of the water and the white fine-grained sandy beach is very high. The small, shallow coral island is only 1.5 km long and 0.65 km wide. The highest elevation is only a few meters above sea level. In the north, the seabed drops steeply to a depth of 3000 meters.

In the northern and eastern part of the island is extensive and dense mangrove vegetation, which reaches the beach into the water. During the tour around the island you have to wade into the water or even swim at high tide. The bungalows are simple and built in typical local style. Insects and geckos are our roommates at night. In addition to the fantastic wildlife viewing and extensive swimming and snorkeling, the island offers no tourist variety. You should bring enough reading material. To explore the nature and the birds that occur here, actually only a few days stay. If there were not that addictive factor that makes people think about staying here forever.

The info panel shows the daily high and low water levels (Tide). You can also rent a glass bottom boat to study the underwater world extensively (for those who are too exhausted to snorkel).

For deep-sea anglers, pre-booked trips to the Blue Marlin can be organized. Then you should plan but a few more days for his stay.

The hunt for the Blue Marlin is a tradition here. There are the largest specimens of the Indian Ocean with record-breaking weight classes in the waters around the Seychelles.

There is even a hand-crafted facility that allows you to weigh the catches captured by deep-sea fishing and find them good. On the small terrace of the restaurant, which is located directly on the beach, you can let your mind run wild and really relax.

We really enjoyed the few days on the island and would recommend anyone visiting Seychelles with the island of Bird Island. The island is a real experience for your own soul.

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