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If the ‘blue lagoon’ is actually more beautiful than any fantasy, the white sand beaches are even gentler and the azure blue with the turquoise green will promote the most beautiful watercolor, buried treasures and pirate caches, the world’s largest turtles and the exotic-erotic Coco de Mer led the visitor to an island world near Africa and Madagascar and perhaps seduced a little, then you are in the Seychelles.

The beaches of the Seychelles are some of the most beautiful in the world, so that even the most die-hard globetrotters get into raptures. We join in there. Even so, or perhaps because we’ve already seen most of the world’s beaches, here on Bird Island we feel the uniqueness of this secluded island in the Indian Ocean. When we set foot on this island right after landing with the small island hopper, all the hustle and bustle of the last days of us falls away. The strange silence, broken only by the call of the birds and the sound of the surf, has a strange effect on our psyche.

The fine-grained white sandy beach running completely around the island of Bird Island, sometimes wider and narrower, is just as unique as the island itself.

On the first night in our small palm roof bungalow (see below) we often wake up. We actually miss the otherwise ubiquitous noise of street noise and passing cars. Here we only hear the soft noise of the Indian Ocean, only a few meters away. There is neither television nor radio and so we are glad that we have our small world radio receiver (as always on our travels) with us, at least occasionally to establish contact with the outside world. The next morning, a glowing sun rises on the horizon. The few clouds dive into a sea of ​​colors. It is as if we are awakened with fireworks. The sun rises quickly and bathes the island of Bid Island in a shining light. The temperatures on the beach rise quickly to over 30 degrees.

The entrance sign to the Bird Island Lodge, so call the few bungalows, is abandoned and unnoticed on the beach. No wonder, because advertising does not need to make the system. You do not need to hope for passing ships. The island is far away from the usual shipping routes. Insiders and lovers of Seychelles know how to find this place. Bird Island is completely flat and barely protrudes from the turquoise sea.

The small number of bungalows on the beach never crowded and distress. One can choose “his place” on the island in peace and is otherwise not disturbed the whole day.

Every morning we set off on an island tour around the island. In jogging style you can make the circuit in half an hour. But there are always new and interesting things to see on the beach, so we take our time. It can sometimes take a few hours for our return. In the water near the beach we see a variety of fish species. Even small baby sharks we meet. Brigitte collects different types of shells. If it gets too hot, we take a cooling dip in the gentle surf of the Indian Ocean. We quickly forget the time and lie dozing in the white sand. There are few palm trees that provide a little protection from the scorching sun. On the other side of the island are extensive mangrove plantations that have grown into the sea. At this point we have to tether our seven things upside down and swim around the obstacles.

The bungalows are just a few steps from the beach. The front bungalow (picture left) was our home away from home. The exact location of the bungalows can be seen on the map of the island on our page “Bird Island”. Life on this lonely island requires us to completely change our way of life. After a short time, the unrest and bustle typical of us Europeans falls away. It spreads a special kind of serenity and inner peace. Slowly we understand the mentality of the local population. Not only seclusion forces us on their own rhythm. The relentlessly shining sun with the tropical temperatures also helps to keep all activities to a minimum.

The approaching Abenstunden with the approaching sunset are particularly spectacular.

Every evening there is a new firework display of nature that is presented impressively and even completely free of charge. First, the sky turns in wonderfully shallow pastel tones. The dawning light underlines the near final of the setting sun. We sit on the beach like in an open-air theater, waiting for the things to come.

In these minutes, we let our thoughts wander. Could not the days be endless, accompanied by a perpetual sunset? Could not we live on this island forever?

We reject these thoughts. We are still too firmly rooted in our well-worn railways and structures.

The fireworks of the final sunset wipes our thoughts aside and takes all the space in us. The rainbow colors are reflected in the almost smooth waters of the Indian Ocean like in a mirror.

One thing is certain, we will come back ……..

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