Seychelles – Island Mahe

Mahé is the largest island in the Seychelles. The mountain range “Morne Seychellois”, the highest point of the island state, is ideal for smaller hikes. The capital of the Seychelles, Victoria, invites you to linger with its harbor and the picturesque market.

The famous clock tower on the island of Mahe in Victoria is a true-to-life illustration of the Big Ben in London. Victoria – When it comes to eco-holidays you think of modest holiday accommodations and low comfort. Not so in Seychelles. Even the clientele is not at all the stereotype of the eco-tourist.

What makes the Seychelles for tourists one of the most expensive countries in the world: Just about everything has to be introduced for a lot of money and is also backed by a hefty import tax. The typical Seychelles tourist is therefore less one who actually makes a holiday on the farm, but a wealthy Globetrotter, for the money plays only a minor role and it does not bother that he and the 130,000 other tourists who enter per year, 70 Contribute percent of foreign exchange earnings. The 80,000 Seychellois are not bad at it. Your country has the highest per capita income and the highest life expectancy in Africa.

They have free health insurance and do not know mass tourism. There are neither men of the ball nor hotel concrete blocks, not even in the capital Victoria. For an imported beer in the restaurant costs ten euros, a cheap bottle of wine five times. One night in the luxury hotel is to have for 300 euros.

Above you can see the trophy of a Blue Marlin. The Blue Marlin reaches record-breaking proportions in the waters around Mauritius. This specimen weighed 217 kilograms.

Pictures Seychelles – Island Mahe