Seychelles Mahe fish market

The Seychelles are a destination for nature lovers who are willing to spend more on the luxury of this unique and unspoiled nature than anywhere else. There is hardly any significant nightlife in Seychelles. The shopping is limited to the market in Victoria and small shops and individual supermarkets. Even Victoria is not a shopper’s paradise. Nevertheless, it is worth visiting the market to study the mentality of the islanders.

Most of the goods are only available in small selection and at high prices (at least 50% higher than in Europe). The tropical fruits of all kinds are present, but (except for mangos, papayas and bananas) difficult to find and expensive because they usually have to be imported.

In addition, tourists often demand “special prices” that are significantly higher. Better prices are achieved, especially in remote and small shops to which tourists rarely come. This is different at the fish market of Victoria. The markets are mostly busy. Often the entire family, including the children, is involved in the sales activities. Regional products are fresh and easy to offer on self-made sales counters (simple board racks) or on the floor with a ceiling as a base.

The usual equipment of a well-stocked market assortment includes, of course, the various droplets, tinctures, ointments and spices. Even the “Coco de Mer” is offered here in the smaller versions. The offer of meat is rare and expensive. It is sold in its own butcher stores, which must be licensed ….. or should? There is a hustle and bustle, as is usually the case in the markets in tropical countries.

What is striking about the market in Victoria, however, is that people are always happy and in a good mood. The women’s clothing in the Seychelles usually consists of colorful dresses and straw hats against the strong sun. The men mostly wear shorts, sandals and colorful shirts. Often you see the women carrying their burdens on their heads. It takes a constant exercise from a young age to keep your balance. This tradition has probably been adopted by the African continent. When purchasing this technique has the advantage, of course, that one has the hands free to trade and bargaining. Speaking of acting and bargaining …. this is simply a part of purchasing and is an absolute “must”.

In this way you also get into “conversation” and learn a lot about the country and its people and the daily lives of the inhabitants of the Seychelles. Brigitte is trying to apply this. Even with the smallest things like this straw broom must be talked about the quality beforehand ……

….. then you set the piece aside and are interested in another object to distract attention from the object of desire …………… finally you buy something else after a long time Negotiation for a small price and acquires the straw broom by the way as an encore (at half price) ………………… is that not perfect negotiating strategy? Nevertheless, both sides are highly satisfied with the result!

Pictues Seychelles Mahe market

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