Seychelles – La Digue

The arrival on the island of La Digue is as spectacular as the impressions we get during the next few days of our stay on the island.

We arrive by boat on the island La Digue and are picked up by our host with an ox-cart. Our luggage and also we are summarily transported on the cart and it goes at a leisurely pace on the “main street” of the village to our new home on time.

Cars are largely unknown on the island. We have the impression of having sat in a time machine during the crossing, which has brought us back exactly 300 years in time. Time seems to have stopped here. Not only the means of transport are several centuries old but also the whole life seems to follow a different rhythm. It takes ages in our eyes to complete the formalities and the welcome ceremony. Is this the little paradise we were hoping for?

The next day we try to organize an island exploration. Since there are no cars on the island, at least a mountain bike should be found ………… After long negotiations, our host procured us a mountain bike in the original version. The bike has only one gear. Nevertheless, Jürgen goes on a lonely tour to explore the island. We realize that he is back within 8 hours. Otherwise, we want to activate an emergency plan. With this equipment it is already a little adventure to explore the island. But the condition is good and Jürgen trained enough at home … so he should have his adventure. …. And Brigitte was right, it was an adventure.

Despite the small height differences on the island, the tour was very exhausting but on the other hand, a real experience. The path leads through wild primeval landscapes with dense forests, in which no one seems to have penetrated. Everything is completely untouched and loneliness is a little oppressive. Only a few birds scream in horror at the intruder. A narrow path eventually leads to a haunted beach that seems like something from another world. The scene seems like a dream. The granite rocks with the huge palm trees form an unreal backdrop. No human soul is to be seen far and wide. The shadows are getting longer. The transition to darkness is very fast in the tropics. It’s time to get back on the road. The trip has been going on for 7 hours and I could continue at least once more. I can not get enough of this landscape that seems to be addictive. I could stay here forever. The pain in the legs from the unfamiliar movement in the translation of the “entrance bike” is slowly becoming noticeable. The way back is still long. The same way back through the interior would take several hours.

The alternative is the direct path along the beach, which I do not know. I dare this alternative. The trail turns out to be much more difficult, because in the deep sand practically no direct driving is possible. Often that means ……. “push until the arms glow” ……. the compensation for these exertions is the fantastic evening nature scenery with an incomparable sunset. That’s how I manage to get back to our accommodation at dusk. Completely exhausted but happy about this incredible experience, I even forget the dinner and sink into a dreamless sleep.

Note: There are hardly any visitors to most of the secluded beaches, as they are too difficult to reach. This also applies to the domestic area. To all visitors of the island, who are in good condition, we can recommend a day tour by bike over the island of La Digue.

Pictures Seychelles – La Digue

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