Australia – Cape York

We set out from Sydney on a tour along the east coast of Australia with our motorhome. The route will take us via New South Wales and Queensland to the tip of the East Coast to Cape York. A daring company in the face of the huge distance, which we then have to drive back. Some impressions of this tour we want to play on this page.

The northernmost tip of the east coast of Australins is a truly wild untouched natural beauty. This peninsula is traversed by a 1000 km long track, which should only be used by a four-wheel drive vehicle and that only by experienced drivers.

We take the last opportunity and book, for once, a night in a small hotel to do something good and refresh our supplies the next day for the wilderness tour.

Then it starts the next morning. The Peninsula Developmental Road is sometimes a level track and suddenly and unexpectedly a troubled path that leads over rocks and rough roads. In addition, many rivers are traversed during the dry season. Such challenges are probably to be found in the world. Once again we find on the road the testimony of transience. We bury the long-dead skull on a pole.

Extensive swamp landscapes change from rugged mountains and clear rivers and rushing waterfalls to dry steppe landscapes. In addition to the hard roads, there are also hungry crocodiles and a few King Brown Snakes and other poisonous animals. And not even in the sea you can swim so undamaged, because of the crocodiles and also because of the throughout Australia feared Stingers.

The diversity of this landscape is almost inexhaustible. The huge termite mounds in barren landscape form a stark contrast to the deep green dense tropical rainforest.

Pictures Australia – Cape York

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