Australia – kangaroos

The best known animals in Australia are the kangaroos (also called “roos”). There are about 45 species of kangaroos. They belong to the genus of marsupials. The different sized kangaroo species have adapted to the most adverse living conditions in an optimal way. In addition to the emu, the kangaroo is the heraldic animal on the flag of Australia.

The kangaroos are found practically everywhere in Australia. We spend the night in our farm on a farm site. In the morning, before we leave, adult kangaroos and their offspring come to our caravan. With something edible we lure them to a photo shoot.

The largest red giant kangaroos grow up to two meters tall. They are able to jump up to 10 meters. Out of the car, we were able to watch them in full running while driving. They reach an enormous speed with their giant sets. The long tail of the giant kangaroos serves as a balance weight. An independent group among the kangaroos are the wallabies, which reach a size of 45 cm to 1.20 m.

With only 23 cm body size, the kangaroo rats are the smallest species. Besides, there are many other different species, even such unusual ones as the tree kangaroos.

Pictures Australia – kangaroos

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