Sri Lanka – tea plantation

A visit to one of the many tea plantations was a special experience on our trip across the island of Sri Lanka. On the trip from Colombo to Kandy we had the opportunity to visit one of the many tea plantations in the country.

First we hiked over the slopes of the plantation and were able to watch the tea pickers at work. The pickers stand up to their breasts in the tightly growing plants.
Tea picker at work – Sri Lanka
Bamboo sticks are placed on the bushes to delimit the harvested area. This way, the women do not lose track of the harvest. The harvested flowers are placed in the basket, which is carried on the back all the time.

The work is done in the scorching sun and despite the heaviness of the work, the positions here are very popular. Early in the morning, job seekers wait in front of the small factory building to be divided up.

As picturesque as the plantations with the pickers from afar look to the passers-by, it is hard and difficult work when you look at the action from up close. The plantation is one of the medium-sized companies and still has a considerable area.

On the hillside and against the blue sky, the workers look like industrious bees. The subsequent tour of the tea factory, in which the harvest is prepared for export, is interesting. Packaged in large wooden boxes, the product usually goes on a long journey to Europe.

Pictures of Sri Lanka – tea plantation

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