Sri Lanka – daily life

Daily life on the island of Sri Lanka is a tough struggle for existence for most residents. Nevertheless, people are inspired by a cheerfulness and friendliness that is impressive. This inner happiness of the people we encounter again and again on our trip across the island.

The owners of this elephant are considered to be wealthy. Owning an elephant is an enormous asset in Sri Lanka. The animals are treated and cared for very well.

In a market place we meet a snake charmer who shows us his art. The cobra climbs out of the basket with a haunting flute. We only dare to approach the couple to the extreme escape distance.

During our further journey across the country, we often see primitive wooden dwellings under palm groves. The roofs are covered with palm fronds.

Outside the big cities, people still largely live in the simplest of accommodations, as they did a hundred years ago.

In the villages, the corrugated iron shops, which are mostly built on the thoroughfares, are the meeting point for the villagers.

It is not uncommon for oxcarts to block the road, on which virtually everything is transported.

Life on the island of Sri Lanka takes place almost without exception on the street. Here is traded, haggled, sold, bought and the usual smal talk held. This scenery often goes on until late at night.

Pictures Sri Lanka – daily life

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