South Sea – Tahiti – People

Today, Tahiti enjoys the highest standard of living of all the South Seas. Tourism is a key economic factor. In France, the small overseas holding costs around € 1 billion a year, but with an import duty of 200% to 300% on all goods, the island is heavily paying back this gift. The island was populated by Polynesian immigrants in the period 300-800. The fertile soil and the fish-rich ocean provided plenty of food for the immigrants.

It is not difficult to study the life of the islanders. We just go to the beach or the promenades, where life takes place. Three people have joined the Boggia. They have the time to talk and have fun playing games together. The highest commodity on earth seems to be abundant here.

The relaxed atmosphere and the satisfaction of the local cultures impress the European visitors again and again. The population consists of 83% Polynesians, 11% Europeans, 4% Asians and 3% mixed breeds. The painter Paul Gauguin (1848-1903) lived and worked in Tahiti. The picture shows Brigitte of course not with Gauguin but with one of his descendants.

Picture South Sea – Tahiti – People

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