Ecuador – Markets III

One of the best ways to experience Native American culture is to visit one of the many markets, which are often only a few hours’ drive or a day trip from the capital, Quito.

There is a hustle and bustle in the markets. At the stands, such a variety of products and goods is offered that you can easily lose track. Here we have an excellent opportunity to study the customs and customs of the country and its inhabitants. In the pictures below you can admire a typical market scene, where whole clans act at the stalls.

Everywhere you can admire the Indians in their colorful costumes. The men often wear a plaited braid under the black hats. In the picture below right, the Indio wears the typical poncho. In the middle of the picture is a resident of the highlands, who is selling her colorful rugs on the market.

The goods or the purchase are transported on the back in a linen bag / cloth. The young siblings are currently figuring out if selling the tapestry was a good deal. Colorful and varied is the offer.

Pictures Ecuador – Markets III

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