Ecuador – Highlands I

25 km north of the city center is the monument where the franz.-span. geodesic expedition of Charles de la Condamine, Luis Godin u. Pedro Bouguer (1736-1744) determined the position of the equator. They had miscalculated at the then limited measuring instruments by 180m. We are right here on the equatorial line. It is possible to stand with one leg on the northern hemisphere and the other on the southern hemisphere. Jürgen proves it.

Rarely, the housework is also performed by men. A beautiful colorful specimen of parrot, which meets us in the highlands of Ecuador. He even withstands the photo shoot without flying away.

The daily work and the struggle for survival in the plateau is tough. We photographed women doing their daily laundry by the river. Of course, everything is done by hand. Of course, the whole family, with the exception of the men who devote themselves to other tasks, helps.

Pictures Ecuador – Highlands I

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