Corsica – coastal

From Cap Corse in the north to the southern tip, Corsica is crossed by a main ridge. Directly from this main ridge or not far from it rise the highest mountains of the island. The coastal landscape of Corsica is as diverse as the whole island.

In the northeast and east you will find partly flat areas with beautiful and extensive sandy beaches. The north with the Cap Corse is hardly cultivated and here dominates a steep coastal landscapes. A special experience is the drive along the west side of the island.

This coastline is partly characterized by rugged cliffs and steep sloping coasts. Extremely concentrated driving is required on the often very narrow roads, which merge into bumpy sand and gravel roads on various stretches of road.

Compensation offers the traveler in many places a wonderful view of the ever-near sea.

You should take a few days to enjoy all the diversity of this landscape.

The southwest of the island shows its wild and largely untouched landscape.

In the south at Bonifacio you will find a rugged and porous limestone sandstone coast. Especially on the crossing from Sardinia to Corsica you can admire the beauty of this coastline from the ferry.

Pictures Corsica – coastal

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