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Big sur
The coastline about 100 miles south of Monterrey is known as Big Sur. Here the coastal mountains fall directly into the Pacific. A breathtaking landscape of rocks and tiny beaches hidden in small bays. Highway 1, which winds its way around the slopes of the mountains, surprises with new beauties behind each bend.

Yosemite National Park
The beautiful mountain valley Yosemite Valley, located about 150 miles east of San Francisco in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. This mesmerizing valley is only 12 miles long and only about 1 mile wide, but has more than 2000 feet of granite walls plunging over 9 waterfalls, including the 2400-foot Yosemite Falls. An exceptionally popular meeting place for tourists, hikers and mountaineers.

Sequoia National Park
These two nature parks are located in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, between Los Angeles and San Francisco. Less known as the Yosemite and not overpopulated, they are ideal for hiking and exploring California nature.
Lake Tahoe
Surrounded by dense forests, snow capped slopes and mountain peaks, Lake Tahoe (1900 meters above sea level) is one of California’s most popular holiday destinations. In summer you can go motor boating or jet skiing, sunbathing, sailing, hiking, fishing and in winter, skiing is excellent. The incredible blue waters of the lake stretch across the state border of California and Nevada. The best time to visit Lake Tahoe is from June to September, when the average daily temperature at this time is 26 ° C and there are 27 cloudless days on average. Even the months of May and October are still months with pleasant temperatures (19 ° C).

Death Valley
About 150 miles east of Los Angeles, near the Nevada border, Death Valley offers some of the most desolate scenery in the United States. In this narrow and shallow basin in the midst of barren mountains, the daytime temperatures climb to more than 140 ° F. The valley is almost without any life. And yet, the rugged, colorful rock formations and the bright white salt lakes give the landscape a fascinating magic.

Joshua Tree National Park
Just east of Palm Springs, this park features the unusual flora and fauna of the Mojave Desert, including thousands of unusual-looking Joshua trees. This park is not well known and rarely visited, except by serious climbers and campers.

San Diego
On the southern border of California, near the Mexican border, lies San Diego. Known for its exceptionally pleasant climate and warm, tropical beaches. With significantly less traffic than its huge neighbor Los Angeles, this city offers a calmer atmosphere. San Diego has one of the best zoological gardens in the world. The distance to the Mexican border town of Tijuana is low.

California Wine Country – The Wine Country
As the largest wine producer in the US, California has a reputation for exceptional wines. The Napa Valley and Sonoma Valley, about 50 miles north of San Francisco, are the best known growing areas. The central coast between Monterrey and Santa Barbara is almost as well known. In addition, there are scattered throughout the state a number of smaller and more unknown areas. Many wineries can be visited for free and participate in wine tasting.

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