Austria Piburger lake Winter

The winter landscape at the Piburger See is a completely different one compared to the impressions one has here in summer. We start our hike again in the village of Ötz and hike from here on the well signposted way up to the Piburger lake.

It snowed about 20 cm last night. The way is still good to commit. We receive a winter fairytale landscape. No human soul is to be seen far and wide.

Only traces of the game are visible in the deep snow. Huge boulders that are snow-white on the heads line our way. The trees from the last log are covered with white splendor. Huge spruce trees and fir trees tower in the blue morning sky.

With their white crowns they look like figures from prehistoric times. Then the lake of Piburg welcomes us in its full winter splendor. Large parts of the lake are completely frozen. The signs are still clad white by the nightly snowstorm. View of the snowy and frozen Piburger lake.

As easy as the circular hiking trail around Lake Piburg in summer, the steep passages are now so difficult. Caution is required, as a slip into the lake at temperatures far below the freezing point is dangerous. In this season you have the lake to yourself. No visitors are to be seen far and wide. So we can enjoy the winter landscape to the fullest with a wonderful view of the winter snowy Piburger See.

Pictures Austria Piburger lake Winter

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