Austria – Hochgurgl

Hochgurgl is primarily a hotel village, which was built as a winter sports resort. It lies on the Timmelsjoch High Alpine Road at an altitude of 2,150 m above the tree line.

Several lifts connect the lower villages with the Hochgurgl hotel village. In winter, pure skiing pleasure rages here for a few months. In summer, most hotels are closed and the place is transformed into a ghost town.

The lifts from Hochgurgl lead to the higher ski areas. One of the highest peaks for skiers here is the Wurmkogel with just over 3000 meters. You can reach the Wurmkogel with several interconnected ski lifts, the last piece with a chair lift. The view up here is just amazing.

If not for the fun, you could even pause for a moment and let your feelings run wild. The hut at over 3000 meters is quaint and Spartan. The toilet facility of the hut consists of a seat with a clear view one hundred meters down into the Tyrolean mountains. We are glad to escape the skirummel and embark on the descent. As pure mountain hikers we are already here very out of place. The beautiful weather with a fantastic view of the surrounding mountains reconciles us a little.

The alpine cable cars carry thousands of so-called holiday and pleasure addicts to the mountains every day; how long may that continue in the face of ever-changing climatic conditions? We ask ourselves again and again in this ever increasing mass tourism: “Will nature ever fall back?” The highest mountain peaks are easy to reach. Masses of visitors populate the mountains. The dream of the summit cross is practically reachable for “everyone”. We leave this place thoughtfully and with very mixed feelings ……

Austria – Hochgurgl

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