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The Colorado Plateau, intersected by the Colorado River, occupies the north of the state of Arizona. The Colorado River forms a large part of the western border of the state. Here you will find a variety of attractions in the midst of an impressive natural landscape.

The largest water reserve and a popular tourist destination lies in the far north of Arizona on the border with Utah. It’s Lake Powell. The largest marina on the lake is the Wahweap Marina. She is well prepared for large numbers of visitors. Here you will find opportunities to rent boats and houseboats and can undertake extensive boat tours. There are a variety of guest rooms, campsites, restaurants and shops. The so-called Personal Watercrafts Jetski, Waverrunner etc. can be booked in Page, as well as the Fishing Guides. Other worthwhile destinations include Glen Canyon and Antelope Canyon, as well as Old Paria and the Rainbow Bridge.

The huge Glen Canyon Dam, which is over 210 meters high, was completed in 1963 and dams Lake Powell. The recommended self-guided tours are offered daily at the Carl Hayden Visitor Center and include a trip to the foot of the dam.

A short walk leads from Glen Canyon to the spectacular Horseshoe Bend. Do not forget the photo equipment (wide-angle lens), because there are a lot of interesting motives. The Rainbow Bridge is the world’s largest natural bridge. You can find them 88 meters high over a tributary of Lake Powell in a worth seeing location below the Navajo Mountains.

By the way, you can only visit them from the boat. The protected area of ​​the Paria Canyon is a favorite among hikers. Hikers can take a 4-day tour or longer here. Start is the entry station in Utah on Highway 89 and the end is Lee’s Ferry in Arizona. Spectacular rock waves and a unique landscape reward the long journey.

The Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument is one of the newest American National Monuments. It has been designed to protect the pristine nature between Bryce Canyon and Lake Powell. It will not be built on and focuses entirely on adventure activities such as hiking. The trails lead into very remote and remote areas of civilization. Here you can still experience the adventure of the original Wild West.

The Antelope Canyon is a fantastic surreal canyon. It is located just outside of Page in an easterly direction. His nickname Slot Canyon (slot Canyon) he got because he is only a few feet wide but over 30 feet high. The canyon consists of steep cliffs, their curves and edges were formed by erosion.

The incomparable play of light in the sunshine attracts many tourists and photographers. Also not far away is the well-known in particular from the tobacco advertising part of the Navajo Reserve, the Monument Valley is known as the scene of countless Western films. This landscape is the idea of ​​a Western landscape par excellence.

In a day tour you can visit the Grand Canyon, which is 1,600 meters deep and over 460 km long, a play of colors of nature and a special kind of experience. The Grand Canyon is one of the most famous sights on earth. Breathtaking is also the scenery around Sedona, Oak Creek Canyon and the Red Rock States Park, a collection of mesas, crags and walls.

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