Spain – Ronda

South of Malaga, we leave the coastal region about at the height of Marbella and travel further inland towards Ronda.

We are happy to leave Marbella behind and drive to the Spanish inland north towards Ronda. The route takes us through the mountains of the Sierra de Ronda. The surrounding peaks are 1500 to 2000 meters high. In light serpentines it goes up steadily. Small mountain villages pass by us, which are laid out on the tops of the surrounding mountain ranges like swallows’ nests. The route is a refreshing alternative to the coastal coastal route that we have completed so far.

The mountain landscape is characterized by bushy green plants, olive groves, cereal fields and flowering meadows. The day is coming to an end and looking for accommodation, we drive on a dirt road to a small off-road estate (picture below right). We are unlucky again, everything is fully booked. The search for a nightly accommodation continues. Since we have not pre-booked as usual on our trips, we need another few hours until we find the “right accommodation”.

Actually, we wanted to stay outside of Ronda so as not to strain the travel budget too much, but all the requested hotels and guesthouses were occupied. Obviously we got an unfavorable time. Then we are lucky and find after a long search just outside Ronda a small country hotel, which is run by two friendly Dutchmen. The ambiance is typical of the country and has the certain charm of Provence.

The next morning we pack our seven things. We do not want to stay here for another night, because that would break a big hole in our travel fund. So we decide to visit Ronda and then travel on. The journey to the city of Ronda takes us through winding little streets in typical Andalusian style.
Old town of Ronda church in Ronda
The medieval city walls suggest the fortification of this city.

You can immediately feel the history of this city, but at the same time it is filled with lively and pulsating life, you feel everywhere physical.

Pictures Spain – Ronda

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