South Sea – Samoa – Aggie Greys

There is still a flair of charm, smiles and restrained air gestures when entering the Aggie Grays in Apia. Named after its no less illustrious founder, the legendary hotel is proud of the visitor list, which, in addition to Gary Cooper, William Holden and Marlon Brando, even has royal names. In 1988 Aggie died at the age of 91 years. Son Frederick continues her life’s work. His motto: No perfection as in the holiday club but to convey to each guest kindness.

Today, the business people, diplomats and travelers, who descend amidst lush tropical plants in one of the 156 rooms or the two suites, are in a good mood. Especially on Wednesday evenings, when the fia fia, the big buffet of Samoan dances, rises and Apia’s wealthy elite mixes with the hotel guests, you can feel it.

There is always a friendly and helpful staff at your side. The daughter-in-law of the famous Aggie Gray runs the hotel today with her husband.

The decor of a typical room at Hotel Aggie Grays is simple but bright and friendly.

The lobby is festively decorated for Christmas. Compulsory to the standard of the hotel, a porter in his typical country dress waits in front of the entrance.

Pictures South Sea – Samoa – Aggie Greys

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